My favorite lenses part 3: Canon 24mm 1.4

My Favorite Lenses


Part 3: Canon 24mm 1.4

This lens is one of my all-time favorite lenses. If I had to choose two lenses (which I’m glad I don’t) to shoot a wedding with, I would choose the 24mm and the 50mm… They are the two that I most often find myself reaching for to get the look I’m trying to achieve. The 24 is GREAT for so many parts of the wedding day. It shines in low-light and tight spaces, establishing shots of venues, ceremonies and wide shots of decor.. not to mention those “epic” shots that I LOVE.  Not to mention that it’s the only lens that I use it for ALL of the dancing photos of your drunken uncle and adorable Grandpa getting down on the dance floor.

The only downside to this lens is that there will be some distortion around the edges if you’re too close to your subject. This is why I will use the 35mm for most of my pre-ceremony shots for the girls including getting ready & first look(…but more on that lens later.) and Trent usually uses the 24 for the boys getting ready. I usually won’t use this lens for things like the dress hanging, up-close portraits, or any up-close photos of the decor. I really try to steer clear from using this lens at ALL in a vertical way. There is ONE exception though, which you will find in the examples.

canon 24mm lens


For the picture below, I would have preferred to use my 50mm, however, I was unable to back up any further due to a wall behind me… so out came the 24.
10805710_10152514506217333_8700265954389515407_nI’ll use the 24 during engagement sessions like in the pictures below…

Both shot at f/2GR3A8081-2.jpg

See what I mean about epic??

Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_3322The photo below is an example of when it works for establishing decor shots.  shot at f/2.8Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_3302kathleen geiberger art Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_1419kathleen geiberger art Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_1633Palm-Springs-Wedding-Photographer_3018.jpg

Sometime’s I’ll use it if I needPalm-Springs-Wedding-Photographer_2613.jpg
kathleen-geiberger-Palm-Springs-Wedding-Photographer_2419.jpgPalm Springs Wedding Photographer_3282Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_3278Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_3279
Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_3127kathleen-geiberger-Palm-Springs-Wedding-Photographer_2403.jpg

kathleen-geiberger-art-Palm-Springs-Wedding-Photographer_2202.jpg2015-04-04_0056.jpgkathleen-geiberger-art-Palm-Springs-Wedding-Photographer_2213.jpgkathleen geiberger art Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_1464kathleen geiberger art Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_1870Palm-Springs-Wedding-Photographer_2583.jpgkathleen-geiberger-Palm-Springs-Wedding-Photographer_2389.jpg12273583_10153308620132333_6487504373898926087_oKiner Wedding1402

If there is a sparkler exit, I almost ALWAYS use the 24. I like to get all up in the action, to the point where I alllllmost burn my hair off backing up into guests as they wave a sparkler in my face… kathleen geiberger art Palm Springs Wedding Photographer_1801





That’s all, folks! If you have any other questions… be sure to email me!