Have a routine but be OK being flexible. Since quarantine started, I even struggled with finding my routine again. My “work from home” routine was disrupted when I wasn’t allowed to play volleyball in the mornings and/or go get my cold brew before I started to work. I didn’t get to see my work buddy […]

10 Tips for Working from Home


April 27, 2020

for photographers

  Part 3: Canon 24mm 1.4 This lens is one of my all-time favorite lenses. If I had to choose two lenses (which I’m glad I don’t) to shoot a wedding with, I would choose the 24mm and the 50mm… They are the two that I most often find myself reaching for to get the […]

My favorite lenses part 3: Canon 24mm 1.4


January 30, 2017

Being a wedding photographer, I constantly get asked advice about what a bride should do on her wedding day. This prompted me to make a bride FAQ, to help all of those questioning brides seeking advice..and maybe some fellow photographers as well!! So here is my first installment in Bride FAQ… “Is the first look […]

Is a first look right for me? Bride FAQ part 1


May 11, 2014

Today I will continue my lens series with an important..but not as versatile lens, the Canon 135mm L f/2.I will be completely honest, I don’t use this lens anywhere near the amount that I use the 50. BUT when it is needed, there is NO other lens that does the same and the photos it […]

My Favorite Lenses Part 2: Canon 135mm f/2 L


February 13, 2014

Lately, I’ve gotten many questions regarding the lenses that I use. I thought I’d start out with my first informational blog with just that, a detailed description of the lenses that I use and why. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going over each individual lens and why they each my favorite in one […]

My Favorite Lenses Part One: Canon 50mm f/1.2 L


February 5, 2014