Ideal Wedding Photography Timeline

One of the most common questions that I get from a bride while planning her wedding is how to set up their schedule in terms of photography. I’ve photographed maaaaaaany weddings and know exactly what my ideal schedule would be, however, I highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator! They really are the time ninjas that […]

FAQ For Brides: What is the ideal wedding day timeline?


July 19, 2017

Bride and Groom FAQ Part 2: Do you REALLY need that second shooter at your wedding?   This is definitely one of the most asked questions that I get from newly engaged brides and grooms.“Why should I hire a second shooter?” or “Do we really need a second shooter?” In short, I’d say YES.. but […]

Bride and Groom FAQ Part 2: Do I NEED a second shooter at my wedding?


February 5, 2017

It’s definitely that time of year! Weddings & hands with brand new, shiny rings are filling up our newsfeeds. I know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be…so I will be starting a series of posts to help brides and grooms that are scrambling to figure things out. Starting off with 10 tips to make […]

10 tips to make your engagement session AWESOME!


September 25, 2014

Being a wedding photographer, I constantly get asked advice about what a bride should do on her wedding day. This prompted me to make a bride FAQ, to help all of those questioning brides seeking advice..and maybe some fellow photographers as well!! So here is my first installment in Bride FAQ… “Is the first look […]

Is a first look right for me? Bride FAQ part 1


May 11, 2014